Wedding Gallery
I'm a wedding photographer passionate about story telling through my images, when I shoot at your wedding I really want to capture the day in all it’s glory. I love to document a complete wedding day - from your final make up touches, right through to point when you say your farewells. 
Shooting in a photo-journalistic style. This means I photograph not only the ceremonies and main elements of the day but the stuff that happens in between too. It's that stuff that binds your day together, creating your wedding story, making it extra special to you.

Having experience in shooting many different cultures and types of ceremonies; church weddings, civil ceremonies, Muslim weddings and Hindu weddings. I know one wedding is never the same as another so packages are tailored to suit your investment and requirements. I've answered lots of the frequently asked questions here, so take a peek but I'm sure you'll still have lots of your own questions and I'd love to hear about your plans in detail! So if you've read, and like what you see, get in touch!