Tamsin Mae: Blog http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog en-us (C) Tamsin Mae (Tamsin Mae) Mon, 16 Jul 2018 12:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Jul 2018 12:34:00 GMT http://www.tamsinmae.com/img/s/v-5/u453424641-o965525260-50.jpg Tamsin Mae: Blog http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog 80 120 Brixton Vegan Market http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/7/brixton-vegan-market I had a great opportunity on Sunday to get to pop down to Brixton Vegan Market (situated on Station Road, Brixton). I met with the lovely Jess, Brixton Vegan Market organiser, and had a great chat . She told about how me loved Brixton and came down for vegan options she could find around Brixton. Then she created a 'Meet Up Brixton Vegan Walk' to help and encourage other people wanting to explore vegan places in Brixton it was from that she then went on to organise the vegan market. 

3_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.183_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 178_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18178_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18

Jess Brixton Vegan Market organiser.


Brixton Vegan Market started in October 2017, they took a winter break and now we have the summer back it’s building its momentum with new vegan stall holders joining the BVM gang. Jess also runs her own Art & Crafts stall which features at BVM, where all goes can sit down and get creative! And even when I was there a new business ‘Coco Shabana’ were developing and doing their Smoothie taste tests on the passers by.

210_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18210_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 211_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18211_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 213_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18213_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


I worked my way around the stall holders introducing myself and chatting to them about their backgrounds, the creations. It was so inspirational to see individuals making businesses from nothing and hearing about them getting closer to their goals. 


I met the lovely Giancarlo of Vegan Sweet Tooth with his amazing spread of savoury and sweet treats. I can’t believe his selection of cakes and tray bakes which include Tiramisu and Peanut Butter and chocolate cake both I tried and were totally yum! Other cakes include Blueberry & Lavender cake , Orange Polenta Slices and Chocolate Brownies with cute little animal cookies on top and lots lots more as you can see from the photos!

60_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1860_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 51_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1851_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 38_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1838_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 20_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1820_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 16_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1816_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 9_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.189_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 175_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18175_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 173_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18173_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


Here's Miren of Local Greens - suppliers of local food to local people. Local Greens is a pick n pack weekly veg bag or box collection service in south London. The company buys seasonal veg direct from some, small organic or spray-free farms, which are as close to South East London as they can possibly find. The veg delivered Wednesday evening or very early Thursday morning and packed and out Thursday morning too. With collection points in the Herne Hill, East Dulwich, Brixton, Camberwell, Peckham, West Dulwich, West Norwood and Crystal Palace.

89_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1889_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 94_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1894_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 99_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1899_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 111_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18111_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 117_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18117_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 123_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18123_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


The 'Las Vegans' were next with their bold colourful branding they are hard to miss! Their theme: Las Vegans is really fun and their whole food allergen-free organic plant-based meals, with sample items like beetroot falafel, pinto bean burger, meatless meatballs, and the salad boxes. Micheal & Luis are really enthusiastic to provide a nice healthy alternatives. Good to know they also use biodegradable/compostable ware! 163_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18163_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 148_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18148_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 138_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18138_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 158_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18158_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 150_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18150_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 166_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18166_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


And of course there was Malobi’s Joint, it was lovely to meet Malobi - he’s so passionate about his burger creations and he has had a real journey getting to where he is with his stall, I admire his grit and determination! He makes amazing homemade plant based gourmet burgers, healthy conscious and tasty, stacked high with colour and flavour. With Bean, Mushroom, Beetroot and falafel burger offerings on gorgeous vegan brioche buns theres something for every palette. 

199_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18199_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 189_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18189_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 195_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18195_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 219_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18219_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 232_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18232_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


It was such a pleasure to met and chat to these entrepreneurs, I found the whole day really inspiring. I wish them all the best of luck and continuing success.

If you are in Brixton on a Sunday pop along to Brixton Vegan Market and sample some of the tasty food they have on offer :) 




If you are Central London / London based and have a requirement for food or event photography please contact me for more information I'd be pleased to help.

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Anna & Elfreda (Curve Model/MUA Shoot) http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/6/anna-elfreda-curve-model-mua-shoot Amazing to have had the opportunity to work, and spend time with two truly beautiful people:  Anna - gorgeous 'Curve Model' Elfreda - super talented 'Make Up Artist'.

We collaborated on this street/location style photography shoot in based around Central London. Having shared lots of our thoughts and ideas via a WhatsApp group prior the shoot day so we had a good plan of action, insuring we achieved all of the images we wanted to.

Both Anna and Elfreda were great professionals to work with, the day flowed with ease, hair and makeup done for the first look - 'natural and summery' we moved to the first location which was Belgravia.

Anna worked the camera extremely well and knew all of her angles and Elfreda kept her watchful eye out for any hair and make up touch ups. With the images we wanted for the first look captured we headed back to base to set up for the second look.

Elfreda added drama to Anna's makeup with a subtle smokey eye and a pop of colour with a red lip to compliment Anna's boho/gothic outfit. Then we headed to Battersea Park. We had so many great choices of location we had the images we wanted within about 30mins and in the end we had to call it a day or we could've just kept shooting!

All in all it was a great day with fabulous weather one I would love to repeat with both Elfreda and Anna - hopefully again soon!




Want to book a shoot - contact me


213_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit-2213_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit-2 350_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit350_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit 125_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit125_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit 485_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit485_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit 495_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit495_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit 498_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit498_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit 527_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit527_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit 580_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit580_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit 588_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit588_Anna & Elfreda_20.05.18-Edit



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Battersea Power Station at night http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/5/battersea-power-station-at-night I ventured out at night and found this amazing view... Battersea Power Station at night - Looking forward to the rebuild being finished:

"The iconic Grade II* listed building and surrounding area is being brought back to life as one of the most exciting and innovative mixed use neighbourhoods in the world – a place for locals, tourists and residents to enjoy a unique blend of restaurants, shops, parks and cultural spaces.

With different events to enjoy every weekend on the riverfront and in the Village Hall, Circus West Village at Battersea Power Station is fast becoming the place to spend time on the banks of the River Thames." https://batterseapowerstation.co.uk


2_Battersea Power Station _20.05.182_Battersea Power Station _20.05.18


(Tamsin Mae) battersea battersea power station at night landscape london london at night love london http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/5/battersea-power-station-at-night Wed, 30 May 2018 19:46:12 GMT
1CE - Press Shoot http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/5/1ce---press-shoot 1CE - Artist/Songwriter

Press Shoot - Central London / Battersea

Badder Den Dat - Out on Spotify & iTunes


Age 15 at time of shoot.

For press shot shoots please contact me with your requirements.




33_Denon Shoot_26.04.18-Edit33_Denon Shoot_26.04.18-Edit 85_Denon Shoot_26.04.1885_Denon Shoot_26.04.18 109_Denon Shoot_26.04.18109_Denon Shoot_26.04.18 133_Denon Shoot_26.04.18133_Denon Shoot_26.04.18 170_Denon Shoot_26.04.18170_Denon Shoot_26.04.18

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Central London Relocation http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/4/CentralLondonPhotographer I've been rather busy in the last few months relocating to Central London but now I'm here I'm set up and ready to take on whatever the city has to offer! Now I'm based Central - literally neighbours with 'Her Majesty'! So feel free to contact me if you're looking to do a portrait/commercial or some other sort of shoot in Central London.



2_Buckingham Palace_18.04.182_Buckingham Palace_18.04.18

4_Buckingham Palace_18.04.184_Buckingham Palace_18.04.18 3_Buckingham Palace_18.04.183_Buckingham Palace_18.04.18



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Nikkah of Muna & Aqib http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/3/nikkah-of-muna-aqib It was my pleasure to be present to document Muna & Aqib's beautiful Nikkah on Saturday. Following receiving her images Muna sent me a wonderful text:

"Tamsin! I actually can't thank you enough, you took amazing shots, your photography skills are

absolutely A M A Z I N G!! The pictures came out perfecttttt xxx"

That's the best feedback you can get as a photographer, to hear that you've captured someones special day just how the wanted.

I am always very respectful of others beliefs so only ever share a detail shot or two from a Muslim ceremony.




For bookings please feel free to contact me.


00028 Muna & Aqib Nikkah00028 Muna & Aqib Nikkah

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Mike Catherall DJ Press Shoot http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/3/mike-catherall-dj-press-shoot-portrait-photography Mike Catherall and I had met years ago when I was documenting a dance music event and he was DJing. He remembered me from taking his photo that night and when he needed press shots doing he thought to contact me - which was nice!

Mike was due to be in Birmingham DJing at Cream so we arranged for his shoot to be on the same day.

He had a few ideas as to what he wanted and arranged to gain access to the venue so we could use it as a location. I’d never been to Boxxed in Digbeth before so I had no idea of what we might find but that all adds to the excitement! And as it was just around the corner from the Custard Factory which I know well, I knew there’s was plenty of good locations round if the venue didn’t work out.

I met up with Mike and we scouted about for locations he liked the look of, did our outdoor shots then went down to the venue. I was really pleased with what we found there and with the last few set ups we completed our shoot.

I used a mix of daylight/ambient/off camera flash in the shots to add variety to the mood, so Mike has a selection of finals images controlling his brand that can be used in a variety of ways such as EP covers, flyers and other promotional outputs. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the different applications Mike’s images will be used in - seeing them with graphics really adds another dimension.

Thanks for reading.




If you’d like to book a portrait shoot please contact me to discuss your requirements.

188_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit-2188_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit-2 249_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit249_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit 152_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit-2152_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit-2 37_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit37_Mike Catherall _02.12.17-Edit

(Tamsin Mae) commercial photographer commercial photography dj press shoot portrait photography press shoot http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/3/mike-catherall-dj-press-shoot-portrait-photography Thu, 01 Mar 2018 16:40:19 GMT
Emma Hall Beauty FAQs Film http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/2/emma-hall-beauty-faqs-film I have had the pleasure of working with Emma Hall (permanent cosmetics expert) many times before to help her promote her business with film and photography but it's also lovely to see her to have a little catch up too. This time Emma needed a short film where she could answer the more 'frequently asked questions' she gets about her permanent make up training and 'in training' photographs and footage.

With over 12 years of extensive industry experience, of semi permanent makeup Emma skillfully creates semi permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lash enhancements and lips. With hundreds of happy clients, a reputation for excellence, outstanding customer service values and a desire to share her knowledge and skills with others, Emma Hall is fast becoming one of the most popular ‘go to’ Permanent Makeup Trainers in the Midlands. So she really wanted to show how the training is conducted and answer a few of the questions her potential trainees might have and explain what they can expect from expect from her courses.

Emma and I coordinated a date to film when she had course running so I could get all of the necessary images and footage required.  I needed to capture Emma her in action teaching a live training session and also set up a studio environment where Emma could sit comfortably to create the FAQs film.

Once the training had finished I got to work on collating the footage for Emma to choose the clips she wanted to use, so I could then compose the FAQs film with the relevant audio. The finished film was kept very simple with titles, transitions and we opted for no music as there is a lot of information in the film to be taken in. It worked really well and Emma has placed the film on the home page and training pages of her website.

"Tamsin, has created fantastic videos and stills, for my beauty business for many years now. She is full of initiative ideas, and has a great eye for detail. She always goes that extra mile for you. I would highly recommend, her photography services to anyone !" - Emma Hall

Video is a great way to communicate your business to an audience, especially when your service requires your client to put a lot of trust in you. People can watch and feel at ease with you, they can give great return on investment, videos can help your consumer learn and understand your product or service. Videos don't even need to be that long, surveys show that users tend to prefer a video 2 minutes or under.

If you are looking to aid your business with commercial film or photography please contact me for more information.



Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 17.42.37Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 17.42.37 19_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.1719_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.17 21_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.1721_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.17 25_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.1725_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.17 57_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.1757_Emma Hall Beauty_18.10.17 Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 17.23.37Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 17.23.37    Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 14.17.35Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 14.17.35 Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 14.17.48Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 14.17.48

(Tamsin Mae) business film emma hall beauty permanent cosmetics expert permanent makeup self promotion film http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/2/emma-hall-beauty-faqs-film Fri, 02 Feb 2018 14:38:03 GMT
Charley + Alex Storybook Wedding Album http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/charley-alex-storybook-wedding-album-design I was so excited to design this storybook wedding album because it was such a beautiful chilled wedding, Charley and Alex were so relaxed on the day all of the guest were so friendly the day just flowed perfectly. The light on the day was stunning so was great to shoot in, it really made taking photos a pleasure.

Charley and Alex had chosen their images and cover materials; a beautiful grey linen and clean white eco leather (which is cruelty free btw), so they were super excited to see how the album had turned out. They came to collect their album at the weekend and were over the moon with the finished result, they couldn't wait to get it home and take it on a little viewing tour for their family to see.

Charley wrote me this lovely review too:

"Tamsin provided a great service. Shes a lovely person and our wedding photos were stunning. She got loads of natural shots and we didn't even notice she was there most the time. Our album is stunning. Would definitely use again. Lovely person."

If you have wedding images you'd like presented in storybook album form or would like information on wedding packages please get in touch.



Here's a peek and a few of the pages from the album...

0V3A46390V3A4639 0V3A46420V3A4642 0V3A46440V3A4644 0V3A46450V3A4645 0V3A46460V3A4646 0V3A46480V3A4648 0V3A46510V3A4651 0V3A46520V3A4652 0V3A46530V3A4653 0V3A46540V3A4654 0V3A46550V3A4655 0V3A46570V3A4657 0V3A46580V3A4658 0V3A46610V3A4661 0V3A46630V3A4663 0V3A46650V3A4665 0V3A46700V3A4670 0V3A46730V3A4673 0V3A46740V3A4674 0V3A46750V3A4675 0V3A46760V3A4676 0V3A46770V3A4677 0V3A46790V3A4679 0V3A46820V3A4682

(Tamsin Mae) wedding album wedding album design wedding storybook ablum http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/charley-alex-storybook-wedding-album-design Wed, 24 Jan 2018 16:24:12 GMT
Alyn Waterman Commercial Photography Shoot http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/alyn-waterman-commercial-photography-shoot I was delighted to be invited by Neil Hughes to film and photograph for Alyn Waterman - Hair and Make Up Designer at his Jewellery Quarter Open Studio Session.

Alyn Waterman, is a makeup and hair designer and a firm favourite with award winning actors and celebrities. With over 26 years’ experience working internationally as makeup and hair artist working with many stars of film and television. His film and television credits include Footballers’ Wives, Hustle, Fat Friends, Queer as Folk, My Mad Fat Diary and The Time of Their Lives and many more.

Alyn was one of the studios participating in Jewellery Quarter Open Studio. Jewellery Quarter Open Studio is when studios in the Jewellery Quarter open their doors to the public for them to have a look at what they do. As The Jewellery Quarter is home to many makers, designers, artists, artisans, manufacturers, architects and crafts people.

With a full itinerary for the day; demonstrations of wedding makeup and hair, daytime and evening looks as well as teaching demos, Alyn knew the event would be a great opportunity to capture a library of fabulous imagery to use now and in future promotional applications. As the event was the perfect way to illustrate to prospective and current clients what he does so well and his beautiful Birmingham studio.

It really was a fantastic day and was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Alyn (and his mom & dad!), hes such a lovely guy and an amazing make up and hair artist!

If you have an event you'd like captured with film or photography please get in touch.

Thank you for reading.




1_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.171_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 250_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17250_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 12_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.1712_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 18_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.1718_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 22_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.1722_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 255_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17255_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 28_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.1728_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 38_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.1738_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 43_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.1743_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 268_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17268_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 53_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.1753_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 222_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17222_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17 312_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17312_Alyn Waterman Studio_30.07.17




(Tamsin Mae) alyn waterman alyn waterman hair & make up alyn waterman mua commercial photography commercial videography http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/alyn-waterman-commercial-photography-shoot Fri, 12 Jan 2018 15:46:51 GMT
#TBT Candy Floss Hosts http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/-tbtCandyFlossHosts-portrait-photography-commercial-photographer I was archiving images from years ago when I stumbled across this and just had to share.

The image was taken backstage in a corridor just after Neil Hughes had finished body painting and assembling these amazing costumes on these beautiful hosts. Then they were ready for for duty - the evenings Extravaganza Parade, hosting and entertaining the clientele in a large well know night club. Circa 2009





(Tamsin Mae) beautiful candy floss hosts models http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/-tbtCandyFlossHosts-portrait-photography-commercial-photographer Thu, 04 Jan 2018 20:32:36 GMT
Portfolio Shoot http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/portfolio-shoot-portrait-photographer It's not often I get to photograph my son now he's a teenager, so when he finally said yes to me to take some photos of him I jumped at the chance. 

We waited for a good day and headed into Digbeth, Birmingham to use the streets and buildings as our location. There's so much more variety when you're not constricted to a studio and able to walk around (if the weather is good). It's also a good way to help relax your subject too as they are taking in the location plus they get to have input on their choice of location making the shoot more personal to them.

You can ask your client to bring any props, different jewellery or changes of outfit (as long as you can find somewhere to change!) this makes the shoot far more interesting and gives the final images diversity too. 

Not long after this shoot he changed his hair style completely... so now need to do another shoot! lol.

If you'd like a location shoot please contact me.



91_Denon Reed_23.04.1791_Denon Reed_23.04.17 39_Denon Reed_23.04.1739_Denon Reed_23.04.17 149_Denon Reed_23.04.17149_Denon Reed_23.04.17 139_Denon Reed_23.04.17139_Denon Reed_23.04.17 273_Denon Reed_23.04.17273_Denon Reed_23.04.17 257_Denon Reed_23.04.17-Edit257_Denon Reed_23.04.17-Edit 33_Denon Reed_23.04.17-Edit33_Denon Reed_23.04.17-Edit 24_Denon Reed_23.04.1724_Denon Reed_23.04.17


(Tamsin Mae) digbeth location shoot portfolio portrait press photography http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2018/1/portfolio-shoot-portrait-photographer Mon, 01 Jan 2018 14:55:01 GMT
Jackie + Pete's Wedding Album http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/12/jackie-petes-wedding-album Jackie and Pete were delighted with their wedding album when they saw it. They chose their own images and cover image, the colour and material for the cover of the box and album.

It's one thing I really love about shooting weddings... when I get the couples' wedding album back and go back through the day in a beautiful handmade masterpiece.

There's nothing like having your images printed onto a page, that's why I include them in my wedding packages. A well designed, beautifully crafted album with quality images will look great forever. And it'll become the family heirloom for future generations to cherish and look back on the great memories it shares from their special day.

Here are a few detail shots of the gorgeous album Jackie & Pete received.

Thanks for looking!


To discuss your wedding photography or if you would like a wedding album designed and created, please contact me.


The album box

0V3A37350V3A3735 0V3A37190V3A3719 0V3A37360V3A3736

The album and the matching box


The interior of the album box


The album

0V3A37560V3A3756 0V3A37550V3A3755 0V3A37390V3A3739 0V3A37400V3A3740 0V3A37410V3A3741 0V3A37440V3A3744 0V3A37470V3A3747 0V3A37540V3A3754




(Tamsin Mae) the limes country lodge hotel wedding album http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/12/jackie-petes-wedding-album Thu, 14 Dec 2017 17:32:31 GMT
Custom made wooden USB box http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/11/CustommadewoodenUSBbox Loved this wooden custom made USB box I had made especially for this Zahra & Jawad's photography & Films I created for them. They had 80gb of wedding day HD film and photo data to keep safe so decided to design a special keep sake box for them.

For more information wedding photography please contact me.




2017-08-17 13.31.332017-08-17 13.31.33 2017-08-17 13.31.412017-08-17 13.31.41 2017-08-17 13.31.442017-08-17 13.31.44 2017-08-17 13.31.502017-08-17 13.31.50 2017-08-17 13.31.582017-08-17 13.31.58 2017-08-17 13.32.012017-08-17 13.32.01



(Tamsin Mae) hd film usb wedding day http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/11/CustommadewoodenUSBbox Wed, 29 Nov 2017 15:41:06 GMT
Kind words from Sumayyah http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/11/kind-words-from-sumayyah It's always lovely to receive an email like this:

"Hi Tamsin,

Thank you so much for photographing our special day. I didn't get a chance to properly thank you on the day. I've had so many people asking me who the photographer was, saying you had done a really good job and organised the families really well on the day, as it's very difficult telling people what to do!  But you certainly knew what you were doing and we appreciate that. So thank you very much, I've no doubt the pictures will come out beautifully. I will be sure to recommend you to all my family and friends.
Kind regards
Image: Samayyah & Aqib's wedding at The Marigold
83_Sumayyah & Aqib_14.10.1783_Sumayyah & Aqib_14.10.17


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Charley + Alex, Earlswood Wedding http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/10/charley-alex-earlswood-wedding It was a joy to document Charley and Alex's wedding, they had invited their family and closest friends to witness their marriage vows and to celebrate with them at The Limes Country Lodge Hotel  - such a pretty, intimate wedding venue and perfect setting for their gathering.

From the moment I'd met Alex and Charley I could tell they weren't only in love but best friends too! I knew their wedding day was going to be a fun and relaxed day. The weather had been hit and miss and totally unpredictable leading up to their big day, I always plan with a couple 'what we'll do if it's raining..." but I knew that even the possibility of rain was not going to dampen Charley's day one bit - that's the sort of girls she is.

Finally their day came and everything 'blinged' for Charley and Alex even the weather was truly amazing.

I hope you enjoy the highlights from their day as much as I did choosing them.

For more information on wedding photography please contact me.


4_Charley & Alex_25.08.174_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 360_Charley & Alex_25.08.17360_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 364_Charley & Alex_25.08.17364_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 40_Charley & Alex_25.08.1740_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 92_Charley & Alex_25.08.1792_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 68_Charley & Alex_25.08.1768_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 74_Charley & Alex_25.08.1774_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 12_Charley & Alex_25.08.1712_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 18_Charley & Alex_25.08.1718_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 32_Charley & Alex_25.08.1732_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 65_Charley & Alex_25.08.1765_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 59_Charley & Alex_25.08.1759_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 66_Charley & Alex_25.08.1766_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 67_Charley & Alex_25.08.1767_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 101_Charley & Alex_25.08.17101_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 102_Charley & Alex_25.08.17102_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 39_Charley & Alex_25.08.1739_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 140_Charley & Alex_25.08.17140_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 142_Charley & Alex_25.08.17142_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 124_Charley & Alex_25.08.17124_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 132_Charley & Alex_25.08.17132_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 154_Charley & Alex_25.08.17154_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 196_Charley & Alex_25.08.17196_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 204_Charley & Alex_25.08.17204_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 211_Charley & Alex_25.08.17211_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 229_Charley & Alex_25.08.17229_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 244_Charley & Alex_25.08.17244_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 248_Charley & Alex_25.08.17248_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 253_Charley & Alex_25.08.17253_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 256_Charley & Alex_25.08.17256_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 275_Charley & Alex_25.08.17275_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 285_Charley & Alex_25.08.17285_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 311_Charley & Alex_25.08.17311_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 313_Charley & Alex_25.08.17313_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 434_Charley & Alex_25.08.17434_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 405_Charley & Alex_25.08.17405_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 439_Charley & Alex_25.08.17439_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 443_Charley & Alex_25.08.17443_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 451_Charley & Alex_25.08.17451_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 460_Charley & Alex_25.08.17460_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 469_Charley & Alex_25.08.17469_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 471_Charley & Alex_25.08.17471_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 483_Charley & Alex_25.08.17483_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 493_Charley & Alex_25.08.17493_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 503_Charley & Alex_25.08.17503_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 507_Charley & Alex_25.08.17507_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 508_Charley & Alex_25.08.17508_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 517_Charley & Alex_25.08.17517_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 525_Charley & Alex_25.08.17525_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 534_Charley & Alex_25.08.17534_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 541_Charley & Alex_25.08.17541_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 552_Charley & Alex_25.08.17552_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 562_Charley & Alex_25.08.17562_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 565_Charley & Alex_25.08.17565_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 574_Charley & Alex_25.08.17574_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 581_Charley & Alex_25.08.17581_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 586_Charley & Alex_25.08.17586_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 599_Charley & Alex_25.08.17599_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 612_Charley & Alex_25.08.17612_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 629_Charley & Alex_25.08.17629_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 639_Charley & Alex_25.08.17639_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 647_Charley & Alex_25.08.17647_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 659_Charley & Alex_25.08.17659_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 665_Charley & Alex_25.08.17665_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 779_Charley & Alex_25.08.17779_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 813_Charley & Alex_25.08.17813_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1041_Charley & Alex_25.08.171041_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 871_Charley & Alex_25.08.17871_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 904_Charley & Alex_25.08.17904_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 909_Charley & Alex_25.08.17909_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 929_Charley & Alex_25.08.17929_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 966_Charley & Alex_25.08.17966_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1096_Charley & Alex_25.08.171096_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1097_Charley & Alex_25.08.171097_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1107_Charley & Alex_25.08.171107_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1117_Charley & Alex_25.08.171117_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1120_Charley & Alex_25.08.171120_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1279_Charley & Alex_25.08.171279_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1307_Charley & Alex_25.08.171307_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1340_Charley & Alex_25.08.171340_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1393_Charley & Alex_25.08.171393_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1400_Charley & Alex_25.08.171400_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1487_Charley & Alex_25.08.171487_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1498_Charley & Alex_25.08.171498_Charley & Alex_25.08.17 1509_Charley & Alex_25.08.171509_Charley & Alex_25.08.17


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Paul - homeless on the high street http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/10/Paul-homeless-on-the-high-street I stopped and spoke to Paul yesterday, a homeless guy sat in Shirley high street. I’d popped into a card shop and saw him and thought I’m going to stop and speak to him on the way out and at least offer to buy him a coffee. I’d heard on social media that’s something homeless people actually would like - to be acknowledged.

I passed him I said “Hi, are you ok?”. We struck up a conversation. He was just really happy to be talking. I asked him if he had a place to stay, he told me he was ‘sofa surfing’ but soon might have to sleep in the park. I asked him how he came to be homeless, he explained that he had a place but some people befriended him and hijacked his flat and his money, they kicked him out and he ended up living in a tent. Those same people poured petrol on his tent and set it in fire with him still in it! He suffered from terrible burns on his legs (which he showed me) and he had to have skin grafts. The people were caught thankfully and they got 5 years each.

He had become depressed & dependent on his painkillers & alcohol. I asked him what he wanted to do, he told me he has no hope, I told him you’ve always got to have hope for the future. All I could offer him at that point was a friendly chat and the offer of a meal. But I knew a place that could possibly help him with a plan for the future... they have a shop which was just down the road from where we stood... Betel.uk ‘Restored’. I told Paul about Betel, I knew about their work as I’ve worked with them on a few projects before in the past. They are an independent Christian charity for men, women and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness.

I thought he might say he’d heard of them already tbh, but he hadn’t. I told him about their great work and told him he should try and contact them. We also went on to talk about that he used to do gardening work (which seemed to make him happy), Gods, Sumerians, Atlantis, planetary systems and the geometry of the universe.

I went and bought him a meal from @boracoffeeco and pointed to where Betel was and told him to go and ask if they could give more information.

I left him in peace to eat his food. I had to walk passed the store ‘Betel - Restored’ so I asked if they had any leaflets, they did, I was so thankful because the leaflet explained exactly who they were & what they did. I took it back up to Paul and told him to pop back to the shop or call them when he could.

I walked away thinking “what a lovely guy Paul was... I hope he goes to Betel and they can help him with his future”.

2017-10-27 13.56.102017-10-27 13.56.10


I knew about Betel because a few years ago I'd popped into a charity shop in Shirley High Street and got speaking to one of the mangers there. She'd told me that Betel had helped her escape an abusive relationship and alcohol abuse and helped her turn her life around. They'd taken in her and her children and now she was happy with life and had hope for her and her childrens' future.

That story resonated with me, I took a leaflet from her and kept it for a long time, before one day I called Betel and offered my services, I wanted to offer something to them to help them in any way I could. I offered my photography services, I helped create a library of images they could use in self promotion to help spread the word of what they did. I, also created this photo/film, in which Timon tells his testimony of how Betel changed his life for the better too.

For more information visit  http://www.betel.uk

Thanks for reading.




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Rida + Asim, a London Wedding http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/10/rida-asim-a-london-wedding Asim had seen me at 'at work' photographing Zahra & Jawad's wedding, he was actually Jawad's best man so he had played an integral role in their wedding and also gave the most heart warming speech I think I've ever heard yet.

He contacted me shortly after their wedding and asked if I would be available to shoot his and his fiancée's wedding in London later in the year, luckily I was available, so I was booked!

It was my pleasure to be present to document the celebration's of Asim & Rida's beautiful wedding in the intimate and elegant surroundings of The Nawab, and it was lovely to see many familiar face's again too.

Respecting the wishes of my clients I'm just showing you a few details shots from their special day. 

For more information on wedding photography please contact me.

Thank you for looking.




5_Asim & Rida_06.08.175_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 8_Asim & Rida_06.08.178_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 9_Asim & Rida_06.08.179_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 10_Asim & Rida_06.08.1710_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 11_Asim & Rida_06.08.1711_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 19_Asim & Rida_06.08.1719_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 21_Asim & Rida_06.08.1721_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 25_Asim & Rida_06.08.1725_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 28_Asim & Rida_06.08.1728_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 33_Asim & Rida_06.08.1733_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 34_Asim & Rida_06.08.1734_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 80_Asim & Rida_06.08.1780_Asim & Rida_06.08.17 90_Asim & Rida_06.08.1790_Asim & Rida_06.08.17



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Backface Commercial Photography + Film http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/10/Backface-Commercial-Photography-Film My commercial photography and video shoot for Backface (a creative 3D scanning and printing company based in the heart of Fazeley Studios in Digbeth, Birmingham) was a real eye opener to the amazing world of 3D scanning and printing. I was invited to collect content for their website which they would also share on various social media platforms. The video content was then edited by Neil Hughes.

Backface creates a 3D scan with a rig consisting of 96 DSLR cameras, the scan data is a massive 1812 Megapixels (one of the UK’s largest photogrammetry rigs that’s used to 3D scan people!).  The 3D images can then be converted into 3d prints for a variety of applications: from figurines for wedding cake toppers, graduations, birthday or sporting competition wins, work colleagues or bands. The finished results are very like ceramic and are treated with resin to preserve and strengthen them.

Fun fact: Backface Studios is also a world record holder they were challenged by popular television program ‘The Gadget Show’ to attempt to break the world record for the tallest 3D printed human (2m tall). The show's presenter - Jon Bentley was their subject they are now the current Guinness World Records holder for the tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human – measuring 2m 5cm. Congratulations to  Backface!


For commercial photography enquires please contact me.

Thank you for reading.




Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.14.22Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.14.22 0V3A36410V3A3641 0V3A37010V3A3701 Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 13.00.58Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 13.00.58 0V3A73790V3A7379



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Simone + Martin's Wedding Album http://www.tamsinmae.com/blog/2017/10/simone-martin-wedding-album I was so happy with Simone & Martin's wedding album, and so were they!

I love the matching presentation box and USB case they come with and the design, creation and construction of them  too. The quality of the fabrication is amazing, it's been a long time coming trying to find an album maker that can recreate what I've been looking for. With the care and attention to detail I've wanted to be able pass on to my clients, at a price which is reflective too. It gives me so much joy to hand over a beautifully crafted album for the bride, groom and their family to cherish forever.

Take a look at some of the others I have created: Wedding Albums



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