Jade & Matt's wedding album

It's always a pleasure to present the 'pièce de résistance' to my bride and groom. Jade & Matt's was a magnificent 40 page 12x18" bespoke, glass fronted storybook album.

Jade said " I must admit I didn't notice the detail of my wedding dress in the background on some of the pages but after looking at the album about 10 times today I noticed. How amazing and what a wonderful attention to detail. The parents think it is fabulous and say they have never seen such an amazing wedding album before"   

When asked recently if I do just images I said; "I did used to offer just images or an album and then you could add on an album package or an images package. I decided to stop that, I wanted to offer the 'whole package service' because I strongly believe the album such an important final product. It's one of the only things you'll be left with after the wedding is over".

Your album is something you can sit down with, share the viewing experience with you family and friends. There's nothing like turning the page on a beautifully designed bespoke album. It's a fine document of family history, something to get out and show the next generation and if you look after it you'll have it for many more generations too.

I hope you enjoy this little look at the album I designed and produced for Jade and Matt's.

For more information about wedding photography please visit: http://www.tamsinmae.com/weddingphotographygallery



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