Secret City

So I got to attend my first Secret City on Saturday night, it was pretty awesome!

Underground House & techno // All Black Dress Code // VOID acoustics sound system what more could you ask for. The location, you'd really never know was there though it's in the heart of the city. Is a disused basement which gets cleared especially for the event. You enter through a small entrance, go down a ramp, then along a long dark tiled corridor, round a corner and down a load of stairs, it's like going in to a mine. 

DJ's on the night were: Blk Shdw, Karrem & Nathan Forbes, Amo, Alex Parkin & Will Power and more...

The crowd all adhered to the strict all black dress code and clearly loved the soundtrack of the night which pumped out of the massive 60Kw Void sounds system. The next installment in basement is to be April 29th DreamOn.


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