Family Lifestyle Shoot

One thing about England is you can never really predict the weather, so shooting outdoors can be a bit of a pain. You set a date when everyone's free and you end up having to cancel it because the forecast says RAIN! But when the weather is good and you do get to take photos outside in a 'lifestyle' format it can be really beautiful because its natural.

You can really get to know your subjects and they get to know you too. It's lovely to see this reflect in the images I took with Gina, Emily and Mai one day before spring decided to join us. It was a bit cold and windy but they were well prepared in coats and scarves, we covered some ground and they ran about a bit playing, I had to keep up with them! But we all managed to stay warm and luckily the rain held off.

Gina was thrilled with the final images (and so were the girls) and ordered a batch of prints for her home and to give to her family as special gifts which she said they all loved.

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126|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15126|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 124|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15124|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 89|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.1589|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 83|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.1583|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 61|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 - Version 261|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 - Version 2 40|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 - Version 240|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 - Version 2 14|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.1514|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 96|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.1596|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 128|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 - Version 2128|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 - Version 2 132|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15132|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 133|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15133|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 139|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15139|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 168|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15168|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 183|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15183|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 194|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15194|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15 198|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15198|Gina,Emily&Mai|22.11.15


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