Anisa & Ahmed Botanical Gardens Wedding Shoot

138_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16138_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 I'm so excited to be able to share these images with you, Anisa was so kind letting me do so and I really appreciate it.

I'd filmed Anisa's sister, Ayaan's wedding a few years ago and when she decided to get married herself she came back to me to ask me to do her photography for her. It was of course my pleasure and always lovely to catch up with a family again to see how they are doing.

Anisa and Ahmed decide to have a small intimate wedding with close family and friends but also wanted to get so beautiful images of just the two of them in a dramatic back drop. The best place I can think of in Birmingham, providing you have the weather is Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I've photographed a few weddings there before, unluckily in the summer and when the weather has been great.

On the day I met Anisa as she got her finishing touches done to her make up in her room at the Radission Blu Hotel in the city. From there Ahmed collected us and we went straight to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

62_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.1662_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16

We were met by Ayaan, she'd come along to help with her sister on her special day. And she'd made her sister a special prop for the shoot, a lovely flower covered frame!

107_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16107_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16

I knew where I want to get photographs of Anisa and Ahmed so we headed straight there as Ahmed couldn't stay long as he had to attend the family wedding dinner, so I needed to get the 'couple shots' done first.

88_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.1688_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 138_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16138_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 143_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16143_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 154_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16154_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 166_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16166_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 210_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16210_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 224_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16224_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 231_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16231_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 246_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16246_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 270_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16270_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16

After we'd got the couple shots done, Ahmed said good bye and then there was just myself, Anisa and Ayaan left with as much time as we needed to get lots of beautiful bride shots and make the most out of the amazing surroundings.

283_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16283_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 296_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16296_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 311_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16311_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 357_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16357_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 361_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16361_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16

It was so easy to photograph Anisa she's stunning! And it seemed round every corner of Birmingham Botanical Gardens I found another perfect location to take her photo. The day did need to come to an end at some point though, Anisa needed to go and join her groom and the rest of the bridal party!

365_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16365_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 369_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16369_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 380_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16380_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 396_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16396_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 417_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16417_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16 443_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16443_Ansia & Ahmed_14.07.16

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.



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