Jade & Matt, wedding at Grafton Manor, Bromsgrove

"We have received the photos and just looked through them with my parents. I can honestly say that they are amazing - so much more than we could have ever wished for. Thank you so much. Every one of them is perfect.
You worked so hard on the day, continuously taking photos in order to get the right shots, and you did, so wonderfully.
We are looking forward to selecting the ones for our album."

Jade & Matt Jones

797_Jade & Matt_27.08.16797_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 Jade and Matt contacted me about their wedding photography because Jade's mom had recommended me to them. She has overseen me 'at work' on a number of occasions over the last few years as I've created images libraries for her place of work. So it was wonderful to be asked to be part of the team that was going to help bring Jade and Matt's special day to fruition.

After we'd met and had an initial consultation about the running of the day and Jade and Matt had booked me. I met up with them and Jade's parents at Grafton Manor, two weeks before their wedding day to walk through the location and talk about the finer details. I was going to be with Jade and Matt from about 10am until 10pm, it's good to get a feel for how the day is going to run in situ.

The sun was gleaming at our meeting at Grafton Manor but the weather had been on and off the last few weeks so rain was  bit of a concern. So we discussed alternative locations for group photographs and how rain might otherwise effect the day. With Jade and Matt having booked me all day, if it did rain we stood a good chance of being able to grab a few minutes in the Grafton manor grounds in between showers. Either way Jade and Matt are such a lovely down to earth, laid back couple, they weren't going to let a a few drops of rain ruin their day.

2_Jade & Matt_27.08.162_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 70_Jade & Matt_27.08.1670_Jade & Matt_27.08.16

Their wedding day came and the sun was out! Matt was of course there early with his dad ready to welcome guests as they arrived on the gravel drive. Soon after Jades bridesmaids arrived, Jade and her dad pulled up in a lovely vintage Burgundy Beauford Convertible. Jade was then escorted to her suite via a concealed route ensuring Matt or the guests wouldn't see her. She made her final preparations, gave her bridesmaids their special gifts whilst she waited to be called. Once all the guests were ushered into the Chapel hall where the ceremony was to take place, Matt and his dad followed and got into place. Jade, her dad and her bridal party made their way to the hall, the wedding was to commence. The ceremony was beautiful, really warm and meaningful with some laughs, lots of smiles and a few poignant tears.

55_Jade & Matt_27.08.1655_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 13_Jade & Matt_27.08.1613_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 15_Jade & Matt_27.08.1615_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 82_Jade & Matt_27.08.1682_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 140_Jade & Matt_27.08.16140_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 142_Jade & Matt_27.08.16142_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 149_Jade & Matt_27.08.16149_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 153_Jade & Matt_27.08.16153_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 186_Jade & Matt_27.08.16186_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 191_Jade & Matt_27.08.16191_Jade & Matt_27.08.16

92_Jade & Matt_27.08.1692_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 97_Jade & Matt_27.08.1697_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 98_Jade & Matt_27.08.1698_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 111_Jade & Matt_27.08.16111_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 112_Jade & Matt_27.08.16112_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 115_Jade & Matt_27.08.16115_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 118_Jade & Matt_27.08.16118_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 123_Jade & Matt_27.08.16123_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 127_Jade & Matt_27.08.16127_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 130_Jade & Matt_27.08.16130_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 218_Jade & Matt_27.08.16218_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 220_Jade & Matt_27.08.16220_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 225_Jade & Matt_27.08.16225_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 230_Jade & Matt_27.08.16230_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 236_Jade & Matt_27.08.16236_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 241_Jade & Matt_27.08.16241_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 242_Jade & Matt_27.08.16242_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 251_Jade & Matt_27.08.16251_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 253_Jade & Matt_27.08.16253_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 255_Jade & Matt_27.08.16255_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 260_Jade & Matt_27.08.16260_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 262_Jade & Matt_27.08.16262_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 266_Jade & Matt_27.08.16266_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 271_Jade & Matt_27.08.16271_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 296_Jade & Matt_27.08.16296_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 301_Jade & Matt_27.08.16301_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 303_Jade & Matt_27.08.16303_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 308_Jade & Matt_27.08.16308_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 315_Jade & Matt_27.08.16315_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 337_Jade & Matt_27.08.16337_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 Together, Jade and Matt led their wedding party out where they were showered with petal confetti. Their guests congratulated the couple, enjoyed flutes of champagne and appetisers whilst mingling on the lawn. I gave the party a little space and took photos from the sides for a while before I called for everyone's attention from a first floor window of the Manor, for the first group photo. 383_Jade & Matt_27.08.16383_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 371_Jade & Matt_27.08.16371_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 417_Jade & Matt_27.08.16417_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 421_Jade & Matt_27.08.16421_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 423_Jade & Matt_27.08.16423_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 425_Jade & Matt_27.08.16425_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 430_Jade & Matt_27.08.16430_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 436_Jade & Matt_27.08.16436_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 525_Jade & Matt_27.08.16525_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 439_Jade & Matt_27.08.16439_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 455_Jade & Matt_27.08.16455_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 458_Jade & Matt_27.08.16458_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 462_Jade & Matt_27.08.16462_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 465_Jade & Matt_27.08.16465_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 475_Jade & Matt_27.08.16475_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 413_Jade & Matt_27.08.16413_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 389_Jade & Matt_27.08.16389_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 390_Jade & Matt_27.08.16390_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 393_Jade & Matt_27.08.16393_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 399_Jade & Matt_27.08.16399_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 The sky turned quite dark just as I finished the last set of family group photos. At this point, myself, Jade and Matt went to make full use of the gorgeous Grafton Manor grounds for some more photos while the rain held off. Just after we got back it started to pour down. Thankfully we'd managed to get a lot of photos Jade wanted outdoors already but if we could go out again it would be a bonus.

536_Jade & Matt_27.08.16-2536_Jade & Matt_27.08.16-2 551_Jade & Matt_27.08.16551_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 552_Jade & Matt_27.08.16552_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 558_Jade & Matt_27.08.16558_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 559_Jade & Matt_27.08.16559_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 561_Jade & Matt_27.08.16561_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 570_Jade & Matt_27.08.16570_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 17_Jade & Matt_27.08.1617_Jade & Matt_27.08.16

178_Jade & Matt_27.08.16178_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 159_Jade & Matt_27.08.16159_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 166_Jade & Matt_27.08.16166_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 171_Jade & Matt_27.08.16171_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 29_Jade & Matt_27.08.1629_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 31_Jade & Matt_27.08.1631_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 573_Jade & Matt_27.08.16573_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 628_Jade & Matt_27.08.16628_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 630_Jade & Matt_27.08.16630_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 With all of the guests now seated for the wedding breakfast in the marquee, Jade and Matt were welcomed to the room as the new Mr & Mrs Jones and given a lovely warm round of applause from all of their guests. After the breakfast, speeches and with the rain having stopped we headed back out to the gardens to capture a few more photos. As the sun went down we got back to marquee just before their evening guest started to arrive. 598_Jade & Matt_27.08.16598_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 614_Jade & Matt_27.08.16614_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 66_Jade & Matt_27.08.1666_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 650_Jade & Matt_27.08.16650_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 673_Jade & Matt_27.08.16673_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 685_Jade & Matt_27.08.16685_Jade & Matt_27.08.16

746_Jade & Matt_27.08.16746_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 763_Jade & Matt_27.08.16763_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 768_Jade & Matt_27.08.16768_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 770_Jade & Matt_27.08.16770_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 792_Jade & Matt_27.08.16792_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 780_Jade & Matt_27.08.16780_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 803_Jade & Matt_27.08.16803_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 820_Jade & Matt_27.08.16820_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 811_Jade & Matt_27.08.16811_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 822_Jade & Matt_27.08.16822_Jade & Matt_27.08.16

842_Jade & Matt_27.08.16842_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 854_Jade & Matt_27.08.16854_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 886_Jade & Matt_27.08.16886_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 897_Jade & Matt_27.08.16897_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1023_Jade & Matt_27.08.161023_Jade & Matt_27.08.16

Jade and Matt were called to the dance floor to cut into their magnificent white chocolate covered cake and a few moments later the dj announces their first dance. After their dance Jade and Matt welcome their guests to the dance floor too. With the party in full swing I capture the spirit of it and then found Jade, Matt and the parents to check if there are any last few photos they wanted and then I say my goodbyes. 1065_Jade & Matt_27.08.161065_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1072_Jade & Matt_27.08.161072_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1079_Jade & Matt_27.08.161079_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1120_Jade & Matt_27.08.161120_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1149_Jade & Matt_27.08.161149_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1160_Jade & Matt_27.08.161160_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1191_Jade & Matt_27.08.161191_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1194_Jade & Matt_27.08.161194_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1201_Jade & Matt_27.08.161201_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1209_Jade & Matt_27.08.161209_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1210_Jade & Matt_27.08.161210_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1262_Jade & Matt_27.08.161262_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1274_Jade & Matt_27.08.161274_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1275_Jade & Matt_27.08.161275_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1281_Jade & Matt_27.08.161281_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1312_Jade & Matt_27.08.161312_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1342_Jade & Matt_27.08.161342_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1351_Jade & Matt_27.08.161351_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1353_Jade & Matt_27.08.161353_Jade & Matt_27.08.16 1367_Jade & Matt_27.08.161367_Jade & Matt_27.08.16

I hope you've enjoyed viewing as much as I loved photographing this gorgeous couple and on their fabulous day.

If you like what you see and you're planning on getting married anytime soon or even if it's a long way off, I'd love you to get in touch to tell me all about it. Maybe I can be the one to document your amazing day too.




Tamsin Mae
Karen, I'm so glad you and the family love the photos, I can't wait to get them into albums for you all to cherish now. :)
karen Easthope(non-registered)
These pictures truly capture what a wonderful day it was. You worked so hard throughout the day and into the evening and have produced so many lovely images of Jade & Matt's big day, thank you!
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