Zahra + Jawad, a Birmingham & London Wedding

Well, I've never seen two people more enthusiastic about planning their wedding before, that's what I thought when I first met Zahra and Jawad! They were both as excited as each other to be planning their special celebrations and getting married. I also saw just how well they got on together, it was obvious they were also best friends too.

They had a lot to plan between the two of them, there were four separate days they wanted film and/or coverage photography for. And their mehndi and weddings spanned both Birmingham and North London. Myself and my film/drone crew had all aspects of their occasions covered, ensuring we captured their special events in detail. I knew how much effort Zahra had put in to creating a lot of the elements of the decorations herself as she's very creative so these finer details were extra important to her.

It was lovely to have got to know the family over the four day worth of celebrations and we wish both Zahra and Jawad all the best for their bright and happy future together.



For wedding photography and film enquires please contact me.

As ever here are just a few detail shots from their wedding respecting their wish to protect guests modesty.

304_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17304_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17

3_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.173_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 4_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.174_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 16_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1716_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 21_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1721_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 25_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1725_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 29_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1729_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 47_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1747_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 50_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1750_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 57_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1757_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 72_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.1772_Zahra & Jawad_14.04.17 2_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.172_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17 6_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.176_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17 7_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.177_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17 16_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.1716_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17 17_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.1717_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17 123_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17123_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17 127_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17127_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17 129_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17129_Zahra & Jawad_16.04.17


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