Maysoon + Mohammed - Wedding at Crystal Plaza, Birmingham

On her big day Maysoon looked absolutely stunning and her bridesmaids beautiful in a lovely dusky pink with lots of added bling.  And when Maysoon and Mohammad made their entrance they looked fabulous together. They had lots of family group portraits on the stage, cut their cake and then we took them off for a private portrait shoot away from their guest for a short time.


Mohammed returned to the men's room to join the male members of the wedding party, where they had musicians for entertainment. And Maysoon rejoined the ladies who had already taken over the dance floor and gave great ululation upon her return.


The bride and her mom had very definite ideas of how she wanted her day to go which gave me a great structure to follow for capturing her memories. She wanted photos and film by a 'female only team', which is a service I offer as I often team up with other trusted female team members.


"After stressing for weeks about who I could trust, but also afford, to do my photography. I came across Tamsin, and I just had a good feeling, after talking to her I felt a weight coming off my shoulders. She was honestly the most open, and easiest person to work with, and willing to take every step to capture my special moments. She worked so hard on the day, and after and has produced photos and a wedding video, which was completely out of this world. I can't thank you anymore " Maysoon

6_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.176_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 13_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1713_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 16_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1716_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 25_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1725_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 29_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1729_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 34_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1734_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 50_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1750_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 52_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1752_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 55_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1755_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 57_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1757_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 402_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17402_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 405_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17405_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 54_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1754_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 314_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17314_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 85_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1785_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 329_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17329_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17 37_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.1737_Maysoon & Mohammed_07.01.17

Maysoon had actually found me via a Google search for: 'female wedding photographer and videographer Birmingham'. I always ask how brides find me especially if someone recommended me to them it's nice to get in contact and say thank you. But this time it was thanks to Google.


Protecting the final images and film is also very important, this is something I understand as I have photographed and filmed many Muslim weddings, of both  Arabic and Asian heritage. Hence when I share imagery, unless I have had specific permission I will never show faces only the 'detail' shots to protect the modesty of the bride and her guests.


I hope you enjoy this peek into Maysoon's wedding celebration.


Thanks you for looking.







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