Clubs and brands I’ve had the opportunity to work with and shoot at include: Mixmag, FACE, 10:31, Seedy Sonic's, Pangea Fest, Fidget Friday, Circo Loco, Crush, Rendezvous, Circus, 02:31, Chirpse, Jacked, Pangaea Festival, Everybody Love's, Brothel, Industry, Gibb St Warehouse, Eclectricty/Electric City, The Friday Night Project, Godskitchen, Global Gathering, Gatecrasher, Hed Kandi, Fierce Angel, Propaganda, Fuel, Miss Moneypenny’s, Pandemonium, Below, If... u want it, Slag,  Stupid Underground, Bloc Beatz,  Magnetik, Glas, Bright Lights Big City, Madoka, Filth Party, Perpetual, PURO, Love 2, Back Once Again, DirtyJack, TwentyTen, B1, Luna, Salvation, Labelled, Alliance and Atika.  Please contact me for a quote and further info.