Tamsin Mae | OUR HOUSE @ Central Hall / The Que Club, Birmingham

OUR HOUSE @ Central Hall / The Que Club, Birmingham

It was a pleasure to be booked by Rue Jay of Our House/ Rocknrolla, Spin & Bambu events to cover this gigantic event. Here are some of my highlights.

The rest can be seen here: http://www.tamsinmae.com/ourhouserave

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OUR HOUSE @ THE Q CLUB, BIRMINGHAM - Bank Holiday Sunday 1st May 2016 (12 hour rave)

3000 PEOPLE / 7 HOUSE MUSIC LEGENDS / 65 DJ's / 6 ORIGINAL BRANDS / 7 ROOMS OF MUSIC ...1 MONSTER RAVE - With £2 from each ticket sale paid directly to The Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Celebrating 3 decades of house music in Birmingham:

Robin S flew in from the USA to headline Our House. Notorious for a whole host of hit records but none more so than arguably the classic of all classics and one of Birmingham favourite house records 'Show me Love'. Robin is joined on stage by fellow diva Alison Limerick performing another monster track 'Where Love Lives' amongst many more. The main room saw no fewer than 8 house music legends and 3 Live PA's... while 6 of the cities biggest brands joined forces for the first time ever to present the biggest reunion rave that Birmingham has ever seen with each room hosted by it's original resident DJ's! This was quite simply, the club classics reunion that you have all been waiting for.

Performing Live & Headlining the event:

Central Hall; OUR HOUSE

ROBIN S 'Show Me Love'

ALISON LIMERICK 'Where Love Lives'

K-KLASS (Let Me Show You/Rhythm Is A Mystery

Jeremy Healy
Allister Whitehead
Brandon Block
Alex P
Jim 'Shaft' Ryan
Rue Jay
George Kafetzis
Mike Catherall

Room 2 (FUEL)
Jeff Jefferson
Dave Oldershaw
Stu Ojelay
Ashleigh West
Jimmy Kennedy
Tony Jay

Room 3 (BAKERS)
John Kelly
Nick Rafferty
Richie Roberts
Jem Atkins
Jon Hollis
Sarah G
Chad Lewis
Brent Cross

Room 4 (SPIN)
Chris Turner
Alex Parkin
Colin H
Chris K
Thomas Graham
Dappa Dee
Daft Jack
Tom Fire
Jade Marie & Ash Turner
Adam Lee

Mark Spence
Kane [cause&affect]
Alex Schimtz
Donkie Punch
Usual Suspect
Adjected Delete

Room 6 (MUDCLUB)
Andy Bell
Rue Jay
Steve Young
Paul Henry
Andy styler
Adam Markham
Dave Thatcher
AJ Daniels

Mark Jarman
Ric James
Sandy G
Davie Boy
Ste Savage
Joe Hunt
Nicky G
Wayne Scot Fox
Ash Causer
DJ Felix


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