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Panorama22Panorama22 My golf club work has been growing through referrals which is great. It's usually club portraits I photograph by setting up a mini studio in the club and having their captains, presidents and committee members come through for their head shots.

111_Copt Heath _12.05.16111_Copt Heath _12.05.16 Tony the manager at Copt Heath Golf Club had booked me earlier in the year to photograph portraits but this time he called me back to update the imagery of the club and grounds.

75_Copt Heath _12.05.1675_Copt Heath _12.05.16 We booked in a date but the weather had been really unpredictable, we had to rearrange the shoot a few times before we had a good day for taking the outdoor photographs. It was well worth waiting for though as the weather on the day turned out to be glorious. 58_Copt Heath _12.05.1658_Copt Heath _12.05.16 I was given a quick tour of the course by golf buggy. I discovered how beautiful the course is, with it's meandering tree lined fairways, a pond and the perfectly manicured greens. I'm not a golfer but I can see why it's rated as a great course and it's in such a great location too, really easy to get to right off junction 5 of the M42. 17_Copt Heath _12.05.1617_Copt Heath _12.05.16 Anyway, I was left with the golf buggy to help get me zip about the grounds - which was fun! I worked my way around on the rough, taking photos as I went. 42_Copt Heath _12.05.1642_Copt Heath _12.05.16 50_Copt Heath _12.05.1650_Copt Heath _12.05.16 37_Copt Heath _12.05.1637_Copt Heath _12.05.16 Part of the shoot included catching up with the groundsmen on their tea break, capturing a team photo. I don't think they'd had a photo recently so Tony was keen to get one of them, it's these guys that keep the place looking so immaculate. After taking a few different group shots of them I headed back towards the club house.    Panorama13Panorama13 6_Copt Heath _12.05.166_Copt Heath _12.05.16 68_Copt Heath _12.05.1668_Copt Heath _12.05.16 As I returned to the putting green I noticed there was a Brewin Dolphin golf day just just about to start, with Stratsone Aston Martin Derby exhibiting so I took the opportunity to take a few photos there too. 65_Copt Heath _12.05.1665_Copt Heath _12.05.16 62_Copt Heath _12.05.1662_Copt Heath _12.05.16 66_Copt Heath _12.05.1666_Copt Heath _12.05.16 67_Copt Heath _12.05.1667_Copt Heath _12.05.16 92_Copt Heath _12.05.1692_Copt Heath _12.05.16 100_Copt Heath _12.05.16100_Copt Heath _12.05.16 84_Copt Heath _12.05.1684_Copt Heath _12.05.16 103_Copt Heath _12.05.16103_Copt Heath _12.05.16 While back at the clubhouse I saw a few features I'd not seen before so snapped them, detail shots which are always useful especially for incidental website imagery. 95_Copt Heath _12.05.1695_Copt Heath _12.05.16 98_Copt Heath _12.05.1698_Copt Heath _12.05.16 72_Copt Heath _12.05.1672_Copt Heath _12.05.16 Panorama24Panorama24 A lot of the scenes were really wide, so I felt the best way to collate the landscape to it's best advantage was to take panoramics. 56_Copt Heath _12.05.1656_Copt Heath _12.05.16 For more information about golf at Copt Heath Golf Club  or for commercial photography please contact me with your requirements.

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