Tamsin Mae | Superhero Challenge - Supporting Birmingham's Children Hospital Charity's Star Appeal

Superhero Challenge - Supporting Birmingham's Children Hospital Charity's Star Appeal

So I was asked by Lenny Hobbs Scarlett (local entrepreneur and philanthropist) if I would be so kind to donate my photography services to his 'Superhero Challenge'.

He explained that he and 6 others were raising money for Birmingham's Children Hospital Charity's Star Appeal, which is helping create the UK's first centre for children with rare diseases. The centre will help provide co-ordinate care, treatment and support to help brighten the lives of the children that visit.

I of course said yes to offer my photography services and we set up a date to take the teams' photos at Chainworks Gym the location the challenge will be taking place on Sunday 18th September 2016.

I was really pleased with how the shoot went as it was an impromptu shoot without any real panning we managed to get some interesting gym images. And I'm so happy the images have been used across the board for promoting the 'Superhero Challenge', from all over social media to being applied to the side of the Challenge promo car!



Lenny and the guys are also aiming to break the Guinness World Record for 'The Longest Workout Ever', weight training non-stop for 26 hours.

Three teams of will enter the gym Sunday morning putting their all into a brutal training regime for 26 hours straight.

Team 1 - Optimus Prime (Lenny Scarlett), The Hulk (Jim Fixter) & Captain America (Jono)
Team 2 - Ironman (Albert Foresythe) & Batman (Daniel Joseph)
Team 3 - Superman (Dougy Reid) & Wolverine (Carlos Campbell)

At the point of writing this blog they had already raised; £26,411, raised of £100,000 target, by 223 supporters, that's amazing going!

So please go and support Lenny, Jim, Albert, Daniel, Dougy and Carlos and give whatever you can:


All the best with the fund raising and good luck to breaking the record you can do it guys!



Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 14.59.50Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 14.59.50   

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218_BCH Super Heroes_11.07.16218_BCH Super Heroes_11.07.16 219_BCH Super Heroes_11.07.16219_BCH Super Heroes_11.07.16

153_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16153_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16 155_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16155_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16 159_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16159_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16 175_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16175_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16 180_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16180_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16 190_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16190_BCH Super Heroes_01.07.16 231_BCH Super Heroes_11.07.16231_BCH Super Heroes_11.07.16







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