Tamsin Mae | Simone + Martin wedding reception at Fazeley Studios

Simone + Martin wedding reception at Fazeley Studios

Well, I'd never had this before, Simone messaged me on Facebook from Mexico, where she was actually getting married in the next few days!

Her friend had recommended her to me, as she was looking for a photographer to cover her wedding reception upon her return.

We managed to make all of the arrangements in preparation via Facebook messenger and email even with her limited wifi in Mexico.

I don't always get to meet the bride and groom before their weddings or receptions, sometimes like this time, it's just not possible with distance or timing constraints. It's nice to meet, plan and do pre-wedding venue visits but it's not essential as long as I’ve been briefed and know where I need to be at what time.

Simone and Martins wedding reception was held at Fazeley Studios in Digbeth. As I hadn't had a chance to meet the bride and groom on this occasion I got to the reception extra early to have a chat with Martin before his guests started to arrive.

They had a grand heart-shaped balloon arch, a special red velvet roped off entrance. Which lead their guests to an amazing photo backdrop of a Mexican beach, where they were to have their photos taken with the couple.

There was a table with their wedding film from Mexico being played where guests could put on headphones to listen to their ceremony. And a lovely signing table where guests could write their message on a little heart and post it into a frame - a lovely keepsake for the bride and groom.

Martin and Simone greeted their guests as they arrived and I took their group photo before they headed off for reception drinks and to mingle with the other guest.

The party was gearing up so I took an opportunity to take Martin and Simone off to the main hall to capture a few portraits before they got fully immersed in their evening. I then left them to party with their other guests as I continued to document their fabulous evening.

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