Tamsin Mae | Two-toned Wedding Album

Two-toned Wedding Album

When myself and the bride sat down together to look at cover materials for her 42 page 12x12" storybook album, we were looking at the colours in her cover image against the cover swatches. We'd decided to go for a cream Eco Leather to keep simple we'd considered going for red but thought that'd be too much.

As I was putting the order through to my supplier I was looking at her image on the screen and thought it's got to have red! Both cream and red. I text her and asked her what she thought. She said: "Tamsin whatever you think I trust your judgement". Which is always good to hear!

I decided to keep the cover on her album and USB case cream Eco Leather but add red Linen to the internal configuration to give it a bit of pop of colour without it being too much. I put the order in and waited for it's delivery.

I was so excited to get the parcel and when I opened it I was glad we'd gone for that bit of red, it went so well with her cover image  but wasn't over powering. The bride was ecstatic to see her album too, and couldn't wait to get it home to show all of her family.

Thank you for looking.

For information on storybook wedding albums or wedding photography/videography please contact me.


USB case

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Presentation Box

10_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy10_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy

(Faces blurred for anonymity)

11_untitled_14.03.1711_untitled_14.03.17 12_untitled_14.03.1712_untitled_14.03.17 15_untitled_14.03.1715_untitled_14.03.17

The album inside the presentation box

16_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy16_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy

(Faces blurred for anonymity)

18_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy18_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy 19_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy19_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy 21_untitled_14.03.1721_untitled_14.03.17 22_untitled_14.03.1722_untitled_14.03.17 23_untitled_14.03.1723_untitled_14.03.17

The album

24_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy24_untitled_14.03.17 copy copy 30_untitled_14.03.1730_untitled_14.03.17 25_untitled_14.03.1725_untitled_14.03.17 26_untitled_14.03.1726_untitled_14.03.17 29_untitled_14.03.1729_untitled_14.03.17 54_untitled_14.03.1754_untitled_14.03.17


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