Tamsin Mae | Pirate DJ Academy Press Shoot

Pirate DJ Academy Press Shoot

I was so excited to be asked back by Adam Markham (half of De Contrebande, owner of FIDGET & Pirate DJ Academy) to do a press shoot for another 4 DJ's from the Pirate DJ Academy agency (a local up and coming artist agency).  I was really pleased to be working with him again and of course was looking forward to meeting the DJ's and shooting them each with their own ideas on how they wanted to be portrayed in the photographs. The location we chose was the The Custard Factory and the streets of Digbeth, (Birmingham), as the weather was looking good and there are so many great places to use as backdrops around there.

The guys all had their own time slots to adhere to and as they turned up I consulted with them about what sort of shots they were looking for and we decided which location would work best for them. It was great to chat to each of them and find out more about what what music they played and their aspirations. Getting their portraits shot was going to support their individual brand and help to promote them in a very competitive market - defining the image they project. They all had different ideas to contribute which was great and made a good variety of finished images which reflect them individually.

If you'd like to book a DJ Portrait / Press Shoot please contact me.




Check out the guys pages and music in the links above their images :)

Mambo Jack - Soundcloud

MamboJackDJ - Facebook

151_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit151_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit 161_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit161_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit 169_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit169_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit




Dan Crudgington

  246_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2246_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2 345_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2345_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2 242_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit242_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit





Nathan Bloomer

526_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2526_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2 532_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit532_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit 607_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2607_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2




Brad Hughes - Soundcloud

Brad Hughes - Facebook

379_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit379_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit 669_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2669_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2 546_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2546_BRUM DJs Custard Factory_16.07.17-Edit-2






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