Tamsin Mae | Alyn Waterman Commercial Photography Shoot

Alyn Waterman Commercial Photography Shoot

I was delighted to be invited by Neil Hughes to film and photograph for Alyn Waterman - Hair and Make Up Designer at his Jewellery Quarter Open Studio Session.

Alyn Waterman, is a makeup and hair designer and a firm favourite with award winning actors and celebrities. With over 26 years’ experience working internationally as makeup and hair artist working with many stars of film and television. His film and television credits include Footballers’ Wives, Hustle, Fat Friends, Queer as Folk, My Mad Fat Diary and The Time of Their Lives and many more.

Alyn was one of the studios participating in Jewellery Quarter Open Studio. Jewellery Quarter Open Studio is when studios in the Jewellery Quarter open their doors to the public for them to have a look at what they do. As The Jewellery Quarter is home to many makers, designers, artists, artisans, manufacturers, architects and crafts people.

With a full itinerary for the day; demonstrations of wedding makeup and hair, daytime and evening looks as well as teaching demos, Alyn knew the event would be a great opportunity to capture a library of fabulous imagery to use now and in future promotional applications. As the event was the perfect way to illustrate to prospective and current clients what he does so well and his beautiful Birmingham studio.

It really was a fantastic day and was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Alyn (and his mom & dad!), hes such a lovely guy and an amazing make up and hair artist!

If you have an event you'd like captured with film or photography please get in touch.

Thank you for reading.




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