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Emma Hall Beauty FAQs Film

I have had the pleasure of working with Emma Hall (permanent cosmetics expert) many times before to help her promote her business with film and photography but it's also lovely to see her to have a little catch up too. This time Emma needed a short film where she could answer the more 'frequently asked questions' she gets about her permanent make up training and 'in training' photographs and footage.

With over 12 years of extensive industry experience, of semi permanent makeup Emma skillfully creates semi permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lash enhancements and lips. With hundreds of happy clients, a reputation for excellence, outstanding customer service values and a desire to share her knowledge and skills with others, Emma Hall is fast becoming one of the most popular ‘go to’ Permanent Makeup Trainers in the Midlands. So she really wanted to show how the training is conducted and answer a few of the questions her potential trainees might have and explain what they can expect from expect from her courses.

Emma and I coordinated a date to film when she had course running so I could get all of the necessary images and footage required.  I needed to capture Emma her in action teaching a live training session and also set up a studio environment where Emma could sit comfortably to create the FAQs film.

Once the training had finished I got to work on collating the footage for Emma to choose the clips she wanted to use, so I could then compose the FAQs film with the relevant audio. The finished film was kept very simple with titles, transitions and we opted for no music as there is a lot of information in the film to be taken in. It worked really well and Emma has placed the film on the home page and training pages of her website.

"Tamsin, has created fantastic videos and stills, for my beauty business for many years now. She is full of initiative ideas, and has a great eye for detail. She always goes that extra mile for you. I would highly recommend, her photography services to anyone !" - Emma Hall

Video is a great way to communicate your business to an audience, especially when your service requires your client to put a lot of trust in you. People can watch and feel at ease with you, they can give great return on investment, videos can help your consumer learn and understand your product or service. Videos don't even need to be that long, surveys show that users tend to prefer a video 2 minutes or under.

If you are looking to aid your business with commercial film or photography please contact me for more information.



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