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I had a great opportunity on Sunday to get to pop down to Brixton Vegan Market (situated on Station Road, Brixton). I met with the lovely Jess, Brixton Vegan Market organiser, and had a great chat . She told about how me loved Brixton and came down for vegan options she could find around Brixton. Then she created a 'Meet Up Brixton Vegan Walk' to help and encourage other people wanting to explore vegan places in Brixton it was from that she then went on to organise the vegan market. 

3_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.183_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 178_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18178_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18

Jess Brixton Vegan Market organiser.


Brixton Vegan Market started in October 2017, they took a winter break and now we have the summer back it’s building its momentum with new vegan stall holders joining the BVM gang. Jess also runs her own Art & Crafts stall which features at BVM, where all goes can sit down and get creative! And even when I was there a new business ‘Coco Shabana’ were developing and doing their Smoothie taste tests on the passers by.

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I worked my way around the stall holders introducing myself and chatting to them about their backgrounds, the creations. It was so inspirational to see individuals making businesses from nothing and hearing about them getting closer to their goals. 


I met the lovely Giancarlo of Vegan Sweet Tooth with his amazing spread of savoury and sweet treats. I can’t believe his selection of cakes and tray bakes which include Tiramisu and Peanut Butter and chocolate cake both I tried and were totally yum! Other cakes include Blueberry & Lavender cake , Orange Polenta Slices and Chocolate Brownies with cute little animal cookies on top and lots lots more as you can see from the photos!

60_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1860_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 51_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1851_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 38_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1838_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 20_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1820_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 16_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1816_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 9_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.189_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 175_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18175_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 173_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18173_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


Here's Miren of Local Greens - suppliers of local food to local people. Local Greens is a pick n pack weekly veg bag or box collection service in south London. The company buys seasonal veg direct from some, small organic or spray-free farms, which are as close to South East London as they can possibly find. The veg delivered Wednesday evening or very early Thursday morning and packed and out Thursday morning too. With collection points in the Herne Hill, East Dulwich, Brixton, Camberwell, Peckham, West Dulwich, West Norwood and Crystal Palace.

89_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1889_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 94_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1894_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 99_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.1899_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 111_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18111_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 117_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18117_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 123_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18123_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


The 'Las Vegans' were next with their bold colourful branding they are hard to miss! Their theme: Las Vegans is really fun and their whole food allergen-free organic plant-based meals, with sample items like beetroot falafel, pinto bean burger, meatless meatballs, and the salad boxes. Micheal & Luis are really enthusiastic to provide a nice healthy alternatives. Good to know they also use biodegradable/compostable ware! 163_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18163_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 148_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18148_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 138_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18138_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 158_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18158_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 150_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18150_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 166_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18166_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


And of course there was Malobi’s Joint, it was lovely to meet Malobi - he’s so passionate about his burger creations and he has had a real journey getting to where he is with his stall, I admire his grit and determination! He makes amazing homemade plant based gourmet burgers, healthy conscious and tasty, stacked high with colour and flavour. With Bean, Mushroom, Beetroot and falafel burger offerings on gorgeous vegan brioche buns theres something for every palette. 

199_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18199_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 189_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18189_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 195_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18195_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 219_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18219_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18 232_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18232_Brixton Vegan Market_24.06.18


It was such a pleasure to met and chat to these entrepreneurs, I found the whole day really inspiring. I wish them all the best of luck and continuing success.

If you are in Brixton on a Sunday pop along to Brixton Vegan Market and sample some of the tasty food they have on offer :) 




If you are Central London / London based and have a requirement for food or event photography please contact me for more information I'd be pleased to help.


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